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How do I register for PLEA 2016?

You may register here

What methods of payment does PLEA 2016 accept for registration?

Credit cards (Visa, Mastercard, Discover, Diners Club, American Express) and Wire Transfer

Why do I keep receiving an error message when I try to pay with my credit card?

The most common issue is a billing address mismatch. Please be sure the address you are entering matches the address in which the credit card statements are sent. If you are still experiencing issues, please contact event support by clicking the “Email Us” link at the top of the registration form.

How can I complete the Wire Transfer process?

If you would like to pay for your registration via wire transfer, you first need to complete your registration using the link listed above. On the check out page, please be sure to select the option “wire transfer.” After your registration is complete, you will then need to contact Sam Winfield to gather the appropriate forms and instructions. Her contact information is listed below.

Sam Winfield

Administrative Support Coordinator

College of Environmental Design


Phone: (909) 869-4114

FAX: (909) 869-4355

Email: dswinfield@cpp.edu

How can I sign up for the tours?

Registration for the tours will be available on the Art Muse website starting May 6th. artmusela.com/reserve

For more information on the tours visit:

PLEA 2016 tours

Do I need a discount code to receive the SBSE member discount?

No, the 10% discount is already built into the amount. Simply select “SBSE Member” in the registration form and on the following page you will be required to upload proof of your membership using a screenshot of your SBSE profile page.

I have completed my registration, but I would like to go back and change some information, is this possible?

Yes, simply go back to registration form and click the “view or change your existing registration” link. You will then be prompted to enter your email address followed by the password you created during registration. If you did not create a password, the system will send you a verification email to access your registration form. You may update or change any information on the form except for the registrant type. If you wish to change your registrant type for any reason, you must contact event support.

What is the Mobile Event Guide?

The mobile event guide is a quick and easy way to navigate session schedules and locations all from your smart phone. It is where you may access maps, floor plans, schedules, your registrant profile and more. There is no app to install. All you have to do is follow the link in your confirmation or reminder emails and log in with your registration username and password.

If I am an author, can I register for one conference day only?

At least one author per paper must register for the full conference. At least one of the authors must register by May 15 so that the Conference Planning Committee knows that you are presenting and can finalize the program.

If the author pays for registration and is unable to attend because of visa restrictions or otherwise, will they be refunded?

The refund policy is on the registration form on the checkout page where the credit card info is entered. It reads as follows: "Cancellations requested before March 11 will be refunded the full amount of the registration fee, less a $30 service processing fee. Cancellations requested between March 11 and April 10 will be refunded 25% of total registration fee. Cancellations requested between April 11 and June 11 will be refunded 50% of total registration fee. Refunds will not be granted after June 11, 2016.”

If an author pays for registration and is unable to attend because of visa restrictions or otherwise, will there paper be published?

If at least one of the authors has paid a full registration, the paper will be published just as all the other papers. We expect authors to present their papers, however we understand that things happen. If this is the case we would appreciate a notification as soon as soon as possible so that we don’t have an empty slot in the session.

If one author has two accepted papers does the author need to register twice?

No the author does not have to register twice. The author does however have to pay a fee for the additional paper. There is an “Add-Ins” page on the registration form that allows an author with more than one paper to add each additional paper for $250.

When do I have to submit the final paper?

You must submit the final paper by May 30 for it to be published in the proceedings.

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