Cities, Buildings, People: Towards Regenerative Environments


We will proceed by using the same format as we used for the blind paper review. Make any reviewer requested changes to your manuscript and include your names and affiliation in the block below the title. Adjust the name of the conference to:

PLEA 2016 Los Angeles - 32th International Conference on Passive and Low Energy Architecture. Cities, Buildings, People: Towards Regenerative Environments (arial 8 & 2nd line arial 8 italic). See image bellow

If you need another copy of the template it’s available at /templates.html

First, rename your manuscript or create a file which begins with the paper number (not the abstract number) and includes the corresponding author last name. (1020-Einstein01.doc)

Log on to the site. http://plea2016.uscarch.com/index.php/pleapapers/fullpapers/login. After logging on, you should see a page which contains a link labelled “author” and next to it a link labelled “active”. Click on either one. This takes you to a page which shows the name of the paper(s).

The status of your accepted paper should read "IN EDITING", which is also a live link. Click that link, which loads the Paper Review page. At the bottom of the page, under “Director Decision” you may upload your final version into the Author Version by clicking on “Choose File” then linking your file and then clicking on “Upload.” You may not upload any other files. You may include links within your paper if you wish to provide additional material. Note that it is possible to repeat the process and overwrite your file with a newer one. Please only do this if absolutely necessary.

When you have uploaded your file, complete the copyright agreement. A copy is available at /templates.html.

Print the form, sign it and scan it to a jpg, .png or .pdf. Send to speakerliaison@plea2016.org and to submissions@plea2016.org

To complete the process you must:

upload the file,

email the copyright form and

register for the conference

We would appreciate it if you can do this by May 15, if possible. One of the reasons that we did not proceed with the publisher was that all the formats would have to have been changed. You just need to revise your existing file by inserting your names and affiliations and making any reviewer requested changes.

The final due date is May 30. Please note that there is an 8mb limit on the file size


PLEA 2016 is committed to providing the necessary documentation to facilitate your Visa request. A Visa Letter of Invitation can only be provided if you are an author of an accepted abstract/paper, or planning to attend this conference. In order to issue a Letter of Invitation please fill out the attached Word form or provide the following information exactly in this order and send to speakerliaison@plea2016.org.

Embassy of the United States in (City, Country)

Name as it appears on passport: (LAST NAME FIRST, FIRST NAME LAST. IN ALL CAPS)

Passport number and Country of Issuance: (Number, Country)

Date of Birth: (Month, Day, Year)

Place of birth: (City, Country)

Name as it appears on paper: (As indicated on Paper)

Author Status: (Select Primary or Secondary)

Paper Submittal Number: (####)

For more Visa information visit U.S. Visas at the U.S. Department of State, Bureau of Consular Affairs https://travel.state.gov/content/visas/en.html

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